Friday, 10 October 2008


This is very difficult to admit in public - hell, I even find this difficult to admit to myself...

I think, yup, I think I may have too much stash.


I am currently listing my stash on Ravelry to help me plan projects and I am overwhelmed by everything I have - I am really pleased too though ;)

I have run out of conventional storage space and now think I am turning into someone that "stores" their yarn in spare places around the home. You know the places - oppps, sorry hun I didn't realise that is where you want to keep your guitar ;)

Anyhoo - back to the grind :)

Monday, 6 October 2008


I saw an amazing scarf worn by one of the designers on DIY SOS tonight, and I have similar yarn!!!

Multicoloured eyelash yarn!

I have been so in love with the colour for ages but not sure what to make with it and now I do!

Will add pics as soon as I can.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Returning to form

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Oh, it is so lovely to get back into knitting again - the last year has been so traumatic, so many changes and people being arsehats in general.

I just can't knit when stressed, I thought I could, I thought it helped calm me down but I ended up with dreadful mistakes that even I couldn't pretend they were creative deviances from the intended end result...

I have decluttered my life, bad eggs have gone and protective barriers are now in place and all the UFO's frogged and yarn rewound.

A nice simple scarf has confirmed that life is good again, and maybe some mittens to match!

Madness scarf - pics may follow depending on stress levels ;)

I came up with this idea due to recent StuffTM in my life which showed that I just can’t knit anything special when mad.

If you are the same, and ruin stuff when stressed then the following could help!

You should have your “madness” scarf nearby for when crapola hits so you can just take your stress out on one item rather than ruining your wonderful projects :)

madness scarf = grabbing ends of yarn, grabbing any size needles and knitting yourself calm.

Doesn’t matter if it isn’t pretty - the deal is to keep you sane and off your other projects until you are calm enough to go back to them.